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At Kaybee

Are you ready to be part of a fast-growing, dynamic and diversified workforce?


Do you share our vision of offering safe food and making a difference?


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If yes, then you might be the one we are looking to welcome into our team. Please send in your CV on careers@kaybeeexports.com.

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Rajan I feel proud to be working with the best in the industry. Kay Bee has been a pioneer in exotic vegetables business in UK. The progressive mindset of the management and strong product knowledge has ensured continuous learning for me too even after spending several years in this industry.

- Rajan Rajdev
Sushma It feels nice to be appreciated when you put in the hard work. Management is very considerate and always rewards good efforts.

- Sushma Sail
Akshay When farmers insist that they will only work with Kay Bee even though there are other higher priced buyers around, it reaffirms my decision of joining Kay Bee at their first Gujarat project. Earning some brand equity in a few years time shows how ethical and fair company's business practices are.

- Akshay Bhandari
Ganesh I have never worked so hard as I am doing in my current job with Kay Bee but at the end of the day, I get a sense of fulfillment. It feels nice to be part of creating something unique and value adding for everyone in the system.

- Ganesh Nikam
Aparna Every year has been a learning year for me. My pace of learning has continued and even accelerated with every passing year.

- Aparna Deo
Sachin What makes great companies stand out is the meritocratic culture and the trust imposed on the team. I have been fortunate to be a part of such a company.

- Sachin Lale
Yogesh Yadav My life has undergone a radical change ever since I have been part of Kay Bee. The spirit of excellence is visible not just with the management team but with each and every member of Kay Bee

- Yogesh Yadav

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