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At Kaybee

Are you ready to be part of a fast-growing, dynamic and diversified workforce?


Do you share our vision of offering safe food and making a difference?


Are you ready to test your limits and work with unyielding integrity?


Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?


If yes, then you might be the one we are looking to welcome into our team. Please send in your CV on careers@kaybeeexports.com.

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Slide Working at Kay Bee has taught me to question and challenge my presumptions and be in relentless pursuit of my beliefs. These learnings have always helped me to move past my limitations.

- Ashant Sabale
Slide What I really like about Kay Bee is the feeling of belongingness. I feel like I belong here and that’s what makes me come to work every day and give my best.

- Chetan Hande
Slide I really enjoy the dynamic office environment at Kay Bee. There’s a perfect balance of hard work, hustle, fun and learning. I especially love the camaraderie within the team.

- Samruddhi Jadhav
Slide Working at Kay Bee has been a rewarding and enriching experience because there are no limits set on what you can or can’t do. With the right set of guidance from our senior management, you can really learn a lot.

- Priya Nikam
Slide At Kay Bee, each day is new and exciting. I come to work each day and learn something new. I am proud of my organisation to be able to foster that growth in each individual.

- Sandip Kshirsagar
Slide Everyone from the most senior to the junior person working in Kay Bee is treated with respect and his or her work appreciated. I can see myself grow alongwith my organisation and that is a very satisfying feeling.

- Umesh More

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