Integrated Business Model

We operate a fully integrated backward and forward integration business model. Our farming operations are in-house. Inputs required for these farms are now largely self-made. All fresh produce is then packed in our self-owned and operated packhouses. This gives us end to end backward integration capabilities.


Our forward integration involves operating our own fleet of vehicles, our in-house freight forwarding operations and our own distribution infrastructure in Europe. These high levels of integration generate cost efficiencies as well as allow us to offer high levels of food safety, which is sacrosanct for our customers.


For our home market in UK, we have a dedicated team of sales professionals based in UK (Kay Bee Veg Ltd., UK) for 365 days of import and distribution services.

Organic inputs manufacture Airline freight forwarding Own fleet of vehicles Self and co-farming Distribution in Europe Packhouses Integrated Business Model

Self and Co-farming

We operate a combination of owned and leased farming operations. We also work with partner growers, wherein we implement the same measures of food safety as we do on our own farms. All the plant protection activity is done by our agronomy team, hence the term co-farming.

Organic Inputs Manufacture

We manufacture our own organic plant protection products and fertilisers. We use plant-based extracts which are thoroughly checked by our in-house R&D labs for efficacy. 90%+ agri inputs of ours are now organic and self-manufactured. To share our best practices with the farming community, we have hived this off into an independent venture : Kay Bee Bio-Organics Pvt Ltd -


We have setup 5 packhouses with easy access to airports. The packhouses are built to international standards with state-of-the-art equipments and infrastructure. We can access multiple production hubs using our network of packhouses.

Own fleet of vehicles

We own and operate a fleet of 50+ vehicles for farm produce procurement as well as refrigerated transportation to the airports. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS and temperature sensors thereby allowing optimum yet fully controlled transportation.

Airline Freight Forwarding

With air-freight being the highest cost element for us, we have invested in our in-house IATA accredited freight forwarding department. All our air-freight (annually 7000 tons+) is booked in-house. We are award recipients for several airlines in India in recognition of the large volumes we move with them.

Distribution in Europe

For our home market in UK, we have a dedicated team of sales professionals based in UK for 365 days of import and distribution services.