Contract Farming

Kay Bee adopts the same cutting-edge agronomy practices as it does on its own farm. The results of its own R&D trials are put to full use in the contract production model. All the plant inputs and plant protection products are bought by the company for its entire group of contract growers directly from the manufacturers. These are supplied to the contract farmers at prices much lesser than market prices.

Kay Bee’s technical team minutely observes each plot and adopts integrated pest management practices based on modern agronomic principles. E.g. Plant protection sprays are initiated only when the disease levels cross the ETL (Economic Threshold Levels). Kay Bee’s scientific farming methods have resulted in reduced disease incidence, zero crop failures and about 30% to 40% increase in productivity.

Kay Bee offers a fair-priced fixed contract rate to the farmers. Because of ongoing value addition to the farmers, there is no default by the farmers in supply. Farmers also have the assurance of a full buy-back from Kay Bee and do not have to worry about marketing their produce.

Kay Bee’s contract farming model is very unique and the first of its kind in India.

Kay Bee is a most trusted brand amongst farmers in Maharashtra & Gujarat.

Regular training programs are organised for farmers periodically. These programs are oriented towards enhancing knowledge about field cultivation practices, diseases and pest management, harvesting techniques and hygiene procedures.